Friday, March 27, 2020

That was thoughtful!

My friend John and I are keeping in contact during this crisis. We text (his preference) and talk on the phone (mine). He sent me a message that, at first, seemed random, but once I took a moment to think, it was meaningful.

"Glad I have those That Girl and Brideshead Revisited DVDs."

Over the decades and decades of our friendship, I gave him those DVDs. How sweet of him to remember, and to mention it.

About me: My throat is still scratchy, third day in a row. But I have no more than the occasional cough and my temperature is 98.6ยบ. So I think I'm just stressing about this (like everyone else!).


  1. I really hope it's just a sore throat!

  2. I'm sorry you're sick with sore throat in these worrisome times. Take good care of yourself.
    It's nice to have friends like John reach out.