Sunday, March 08, 2020

Fun with technology

Saturday night, when I was on the phone with my oldest friend, Kathy texted me. She was on her way home from a little weekend getaway with her grandkids and wanted to check in to see how I was doing, job-wise.

I immediately texted her back. Or rather, my phone texted her back.

•  Can't talk, text me.
•  Driving, call you right back.
•  What's up?

Three messages within three minutes. And I was nowhere near my phone.

This completely freaked Kathy out. For I don't drive. I don't even have a driver's license. She worried that it was code that I was in some kind of trouble. Sunday morning, she asked me to text her back, something that only I would know, so she would know it was me texting and that I was OK.

I responded that Reynaldo and I were arguing about his breakfast. That satisfied her.

It was sweet of her to be freaked out. It's nice to know someone is looking out for me.

And it's funny that I used "Reynaldo" as my safe word, since it turns out he was the culprit. I recharge my phone on the kitchen counter, and I just now saw him walk across the screen. Those were auto messages I sent Kathy, and I think they were courtesy of cat paws.

From now on, I leave the phone face down when I charge it!

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