Thursday, March 19, 2020

A suggestion from Kathy

My friend Kathy is over 70 and has health issues. So I'm going to keep close tabs on her during this corona virus scare. If a day goes by without a Facebook post or a text, I'm reaching out.

Lest you think I'm a saint, let me dispel that. I get a lot from our calls, too. Over the decades of our friendship, we've had our problems but those are in the past now. There's a mellowness and affection in our every exchange now. I treasure them.

And, every now and then, there's a valuable little nugget that I didn't know before. For example: she pointed out that Listerine is an antiseptic and contains 21% alcohol. Since it's designed to kill germs in the mouth, it's effective on toothbrushes and thermometers. It also cleans minor cuts and blisters. Since she couldn't find alcohol or hydrogen peroxide at her favorite store, Dollar General, she tossed an extra bottle of Listerine into her cart.

I've been taking my temperature every day, so I added a bottle to my cart, too.

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