Friday, November 22, 2019

Happy Birthday to Me -- Part 4

Across the miles. I opened a pair of packages on Thursday. First, from my oldest friend. She sent me a page-a-day 2020 calendar of quotes. It made me happy because she used to give me a calendar for my birthday (or was it Christmas?) every year.

Then from my aunt. She always gives me a box of a variety of hot teas. Living in Florida, she doesn't like thinking of me enduring a Chicago winter without sustenance. This year, she threw in a in a pair of sequined kitty slippers, too.

And I got a card and a letter from a friend of my mom's. I babysat her kids when I was in high school. I am always amazed and touched that she remembers! (Of course, for people a generation before me, 11/22 is like September 11.)

All these things are rather traditional, and I appreciate the sameness, the dependability, and the sentiment that goes with them.

From me to me. I took myself for a facial. I haven't had one in years! It felt good.


  1. NIce for sure. Happy Birthday. Mine is Monday and today(Friday) was my daughters.