Saturday, November 16, 2019

Color Me Happy

The Decades Channel is showing 86 episodes of Batman. I am delirious with joy.

First of all, it's just too funny. Adam West is pitch perfect in every scene, both as Batman and as millionaire Bruce Wayne. Frank Gorshin and especially Cesar Romero are all in as The Riddler and The Joker. Their complete commitment could be a master class in comedy.

And then there are memories it evokes. When it was first run, I believed the action, straight up. I thought Robin was dreamy. My classmates talked about the show at recess every day (it was on both Wednesday and Thursday, so there was always something to anticipate or relive). I was so obsessed that I carefully updated my uncle, then fighting in Vietnam, so when he came home he wouldn't have missed anything this important. He was so amused by my letters that he kept them and when he died in 2010, my mom found them -- pencil scrawled on pages torn from a spiral notebook -- among his personal papers.

This past April, when I was in Los Angeles for the TCM Film Festival, I stopped by The Hollywood Museum and saw The Batman '66 Exhibit. I fangirled so hard!

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