Monday, May 27, 2019

My furry barometer

I miss Joey. My enormous gray and white tomcat had the hugest heart and was always a joy to be around. But besides that, he was excruciatingly sensitive to weather.

I often knew when there was a tornado warning before the weatherman told me, because Joey would scoot -- as close to the ground as he could get -- into the windowless hallway. Really, he looked like a crawling meatloaf. But he knew.

And he snapped out of it as soon as the storm passed. As though he could tell time and understood the weatherman. He would regain his legs, get up and go about his usual lazy, loving life.


  1. awww, what a pretty kitty. It is amazing how they know when the weather is going to be bad. I am sure he is greatly missed. ((HUGS))!!

    1. Cats and weather.

      Scroll down to Question 4.

      What I find amazing is how cats can tell time. Might take a week for them to adjust to Daylight Savings Time but then they are as punctual as ever.

      Waking me up for her breakfast.

      Hiding in the basement when we have an appointment with the veterinarian.

      Running to the dining room window seat minutes before the neighbor's car pulls in their driveway, eagerly anticipating Comet Shafransky coming outside and trying to claw through the glass to rip out his jugular.

      And knowing it's the weekend and she will have to wait until Monday to kill Comet.

      Myrtie lying on the futon patient for me to come to sleep.