Saturday, May 11, 2019

"Love that chicken from Popeye's"

Not so much.

Worked late Thursday night and treated myself to a two-piece chicken order to go. Some treat. I've been subsisting on Immodium, water and crackers for 36 hours.

Friday I worked from home and actually did get some stuff done: finished a pair of works in progress and handled calls. Buoyed by my productivity, I ran a couple of errands in the evening sun and felt OK.

I woke up this morning hopeful, but my gut cruelly dashed my hopes.

Lesson learned: When I'm at the train station food court, and Popeye's is the only fast food restaurant that doesn't have a line, there may be a reason.


  1. Ugh!

    Hope you're over it by now (it's Saturday night).

  2. Went to the Taco Bell a few weeks ago for the first time in years based on the recommendation of an internet blog. Cherry Starburst Freeze, a slushie.

    So. While I was waiting in the drive-through I began to feel nostalgic for bean burritos which were Spewgie and my favorite Taco Bell food 'cause we'd get six of them for less than five bucks.

    Well I don't know how they managed to ruin a perfectly good burrito but they did. Bean consistency was runny. Supposed to be like a thick paste. Do you know how sometimes rice can taste sweet? Why did they put rice in there?

    I ended up giving my food to a co-worker unaffectionately named Dumpster Boy. He even ate the burrito I'd taken a couple of bites from.

    Comment: Ick.

    Probably the highlight of his day.

    The Starburst freeze thing was pretty good. Not as good as a 7-11 slurpee. I believe it was a limited time offer which has been discontinued.