Monday, April 29, 2019

I was afraid of this

When I took Friday off as a sick day, when nothing was particularly wrong, I was worried that I would pay a karmic price for it. And I have.

My back aches. On the left. It's from the right that my spinal stenosis emanates, so this is something else. Dr. Google seems to indicate it's my old friend, the kidney stone. It makes sense, I suppose. I was guiltily aware during my trip to California -- 6 days, including travel -- that I wasn't "pushing water," as my GP suggests I do every day. It's just that between 4-hour flights and all those movies, I didn't want all the bathroom time that goes with "pushing water."

Oh well. I have two meetings today that I can't miss. And I don't know that staying home would make me feel any better, anyway. As I understand it from last year's battle, I just have to let it run its course. My friends at CVS just so happened to send me a coupon for $2 Extra Strength Execedrin.

I know it's silly to believe that I brought this upon myself with Friday's mental health day. But I think this might be a case of what Snarkypants lives by, a kind of pre-knowing. Perhaps on Friday, when I was consciously still feeling fine, my body was already sending almost imperceptible messages to my brain about the discomfort to come.

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