Thursday, February 14, 2019

Five books and a bucket of cleaning supplies

Since I long to feel less stuck, I'm not waiting till Saturday to declutter. I've decided to do it a little every night.

So five book and a bucket of cleaning supplies are departing my bedroom. Why did I have a bucket of cleaning supplies in my bedroom? Because I put them in there when I removed them from under my bathroom sink back in October, and I just kinda got used to seeing them there. That's how I roll when left to my own devices.

So the books are in a bag for Goodwill. I used my own version of Marie Kondo's technique. Do these particular volumes make me happy? Could they make someone else happier? So that's why I'm giving up some of my later Grafton/alphabet mysteries and a coffee table book on Bobby Kennedy. I'm truly sad that Sue Grafton died and will miss Kinsey's adventures. But keeping these books don't really help me feel better and someone else might enjoy them. The RFK book is really pretty superficial, it was an impulse "50 years ago today" purchase. But to someone new to his story? The photos and text might be inspiring.

That was Wednesday. Let's see how long this resolution lasts.

The cleaning supplies? They're under the kitchen sink.


  1. Good for you! I might be able to manage 5 items a day. I hadn't heard Grafton had died, but I've never read her books (they are on the list to get to someday). I'm glad you are okay. Our news showed a story yesterday about huge chunks of ice falling from skyscrapers in Chicago and I was hoping you weren't anywhere near it!

  2. Great strategy! :)