Monday, January 14, 2019


This weekend I missed two calls. One from Henry, one from my oldest friend. I didn't pick up for Henry because I was feeding the cats. I was taking a nap when my friend called.

I texted both of them, suggesting times to connect. Neither of them called back.

I am concerned, of course. I love them both. He had an important doctor's appointment Friday about his ankle.* She may find herself homeless soon. Sharon, the cousin she's been living with, just turned 70. Sharon's kids are pressuring her to sell that big house and downsize to a trailer.† I suspect those family conversations may have become firm plans.

If they had called back, I would have listened sympathetically and maybe offered suggestions.

But I must confess I was kinda glad neither of them called back. It was nice to have a weekend where the only drama was at the movies.

*I saw from Reg's Facebook post that he got to lose the boot.

†Though I don't know why she can't buy a two or three bedroom condo. It would still be considerably more economical than the 6BR, 4 1/2 bath house the two women currently share.

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  1. Gal, I backed out of a lunch date with one of my friends because I just didn't have the wherewithal to go--so I can relate!