Friday, October 12, 2018

How to spend a day off

I slept in. Then I went to a matinee. Playing hooky to see a Redford movie felt very deja high school.

Redford has said this is his last movie. He's 82, and that famous face is certainly weathered. He walks like an old man, too. But the eyes and smile! And he's funny. Over his career, he's never gotten credit for his sly charm, perhaps because his gorgeous exterior overpowered everything else. In this movie, you believe he's a clever rogue, a lifelong criminal who has gotten by on his wits and his charm. You can see why Sissy Spacek finds him irresistible. If this really was his swan song, bravo. (It's a much better note to exit on than Burt Reynolds' sad and sympathetic last turn.)

Then I got a flu shot. Free, with my insurance. Yea! Since it was at the pharmacy in my local BIG grocery store, I picked up a couple rolls of my favorite paper towels on the way out. (I don't want to "choose a size." I want full-sized, all the time!)

Then I had a big, gooey plate of manicotti, and a salad and a beer. The little Italian bistro was playing Sinatra, as they should have.

I fantasize that, when I retire, all my days will be like this one.

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