Sunday, September 09, 2018

Sunday Stealing

Food questions from Facebook

1.   Ever had ramen noodles? How do you fix yours? Do you add anything to them?   I just add the little envelope of seasoning that comes in the package.

2.   Do you like spicy foods? No. Irritates my tummy.

3.   Crispy or grilled chicken on your salad?
Grilled. Though I prefer cubed ham.

4.   Do you like corn on the cob? Oh, yes!

5.   Pumpkin or apple pie?
Depends on my mood.

6.   Dinner rolls or crescent rolls? Nice, flaky dinner rolls

7.   How do you like your eggs?
Over easy or poached

8.   Most expensive meal you have ever eaten?
Chicken dinner at Roister.

9.   Do you like stir fry?

10.  What kind of pots and pans do you use?
As few as possible.

11.   Do you like Brussel sprouts?

12.   Canned or fresh tomatoes?
I hate tomatoes.

13.   BBQ Chicken or Ribs?
I like both.

14.   Do you like coffee?
Hate it even more than tomatoes.

15.   Cupcakes or ice cream cake?
Cupcakes. It's the frosting.

16.   Hot dogs or polish sausage?
Hot dogs.

17.   Do you like cinnamon toast?

18.   Do you eat dinner at the table or in front of the TV?
I eat at the dining room table but I can see the TV.

19.   Do you like to BBQ?
I don't like cooking.

20.   Do you like cold cuts?

21.   Do you like rice? Fried rice, yes.

22.   Macaroni and cheese?

23.   Key Lime Pie?

24.   Favorite Fair/Carnival Food?

25.   What kind of gravy do you like?

26.   Jalapeno Poppers?

27.   Broccoli/Chicken Alfredo?
Chicken Alfredo

28.   Do you like cottage cheese?

29.   Do you like lasagna? Sure

30.   Do you like hard boiled eggs?



  1. Am I the only person who's never had Ramen?

  2. Hi Gal! I am so glad I am not the only person that does not like tomatoes and coffee. I loved your answers! Have a great day!

  3. Yes, Kwizgiver, you are. Lol!
    We are having a salad with cubes of ham on it tonight.
    #10 is a scream! hahaha!
    If cupcakes came frosted with ice cream, it would be a perfect world, yes?
    When I thought of polish sausage, it's the ones you can stick in buns. Forgot about Kielbasa! Dang!