Friday, September 07, 2018

... but you gave me the number!

By mid-November, I must renew my state-issued ID. Illinois has lagged behind when it came to our ID system and finally the TSA insisted we step it up for security reasons. If we didn't, then we Illinoisans would need to produce a passport every time we board a plane, even for domestic flights.

To get one of these new, enhanced IDs -- which is probably just the same as the one you carry if you don't live here -- I have to prove I'm me. To that end, I need to produce my birth certificate (check), a passport (don't have one) and/or Social Security card (huh?).

I got my Social Security card when I was a very young girl and opened my savings account at the bank up the street with the then groovy, high-tech time/temp sign. I have no idea what happened to that little card. I've never needed it. I memorized the number and that's been enough for the IRS and every credit card/loan/investment/checking account I've ever opened.

But it may not be enough for getting one of these new IDs. OK, I get the need. These new cards will be more secure, they'll keep us safer in the sky and will help reduce identity theft. Who's not on board with that? So I guess it's time to get a replacement Social Security card.

Holy shit! To get the new Social Security card, I have to prove I'm me. To that end, I need to produce my birth certificate, passport and/or state-issued ID. Yes, to get the new Social Security card, I have to show them the IL ID I need the Social Security card to replace.

I also have to fill out a form that asks my parents' names at the time of my birth, and their Social Security Numbers. I could only find my mother's. I can't find my dad's. Since there's a box for DON'T KNOW, I'm pretty sure that having just hers is just enough.

Just hers. Think of it. Do you have access to your parents' Social Security Numbers?

This all seems like a lot of work to get a card with a number on it that they gave me in the first place.

Oh, well. I think I have everything I need for my visit to the Social Security office on Monday morning. Wish me luck!

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  1. Maine has also been refusing to go along with the ID cards. Luckily, I have a passport so I can cross into New Brunswick and Quebec and I carry it with me. What a hassle!!!!