Friday, August 31, 2018

Napoleon Update

He goes to work every night, 5 nights a week. Because Caleb has gone back to sleeping in his tent -- he gave up the rented room when his wife went into a recovery facility for cancer patients -- he can't leave the cat when he goes to work. So, when Caleb goes to the grocery warehouse where he drives a forklift overnights, he takes Napoleon with him.

The warehouse manager has been a very good sport about this. The boss appreciates that Caleb is one of the working poor, doing the best he can, and so allowances are made. Napoleon used to spend his shift in his carrier on the floor in the manager's office. But lately, when Caleb clocks out at the end of the night, Napoleon has been perched on the manager's shoulder, "helping" with paperwork.

Today, August 31, is Caleb's birthday. Yesterday I gave him a birthday card with a $10 bill inside. He showed me what he spent it on: a roll of Gorilla duct tape. He was excited because it's better quality than he could have afforded otherwise, and he needs it to repair the tent. While we were talking, I noticed how bad his teeth are. I don't believe they were always this discolored. His wife's illness seems to have taken a physical toll on him.

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  1. Oh, I'm sure the stress of Randi's illness is wearing away at Caleb. Poor guy. And poor Randi. But she's getting treatment, so that is good.