Thursday, August 02, 2018

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 2

Today's happiness: camaraderie. My boss dumped a project on me. I don't like it, but I accept it. He's the boss, after all.

I presented it internally today -- Thursday -- just before lunch and found out I'm presenting it to the client Monday morning at 9:00 AM. During their weekly status meeting. That's the worst.

First of all, we're going to have to crunch tomorrow to get it done and ready to go by 12:30 (when the office closes for summer hours). Secondly, the client will sooooo not be into it during their 9:00 AM Monday morning status meeting. Not when my strategic, creative work is sandwiched between talk of estimates, overtime and budgets.

So why am I happy? Because before I left the office tonight, I vented. And was greeted by support and good humor from the two new creatives who sit right across from me. They were sympathetic and funny. I was actually smiling when I left the office.


Each day in August you are to post about something that makes *you* happy. Pretty simple. And, it doesn't even have to be every day if you don't want it to be. It's a great way to remind ourselves that there are positive things going on in our lives, our communities, and the world.


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  1. This is exactly why I'm (kind of) looking forward to going back to school--I miss my people.