Friday, July 06, 2018

Two crumpled bills

The Ventra machines, where we reload our transit fare cards, can be very picky. If a bill is crumpled or torn, Ventra won't accept it. And so I have two $1's balled up in my jeans pocket, set aside for Caleb and Napoleon.

But I haven't seen them! I walked past their corner, both at lunchtime and after work, before and after the 4th cut the week in half but I saw no sight of them.

Maybe Caleb is working double shifts. He works overnights, driving a forklift at a grocery warehouse. He was enthusiastic about the possibility of covering for his vacationing coworkers. I hope that's where he is.

I hope he's not preoccupied by his wife's lingering health problems. I remember him thumping his chest through his shirt as he told me that Randi's heart is still weak ... compromised by her bout with a virus and not helped by her cancer surgeries. She tires easily and has been encouraged to use a wheelchair, which she hates. It's obvious when he talks about her that he loves her so. She's battling so much, and I'm not sure she's turned 30 yet.


  1. Oh my, praying things are well with Caleb and his wife.

  2. I hope that's why Caleb and Napoleon are MIA.