Sunday, June 03, 2018

Sunday Stealing

Friday Five

1. Is there a smell that will immediately sicken you? I hate the smell of coffee.
2. When you want quiet, where do you go? Home

3. Do you need/prefer total darkness when you sleep?
No. It makes me nervous.

4. What is your least favorite taste?

5. How heavily do you rely upon your sense of touch?
A lot, I suppose. But not as much as sight/sound.

6. Do you mostly prepare your meals at home or do you eat out more?
I'm eating out less and less.

7. Is there a time of day when you are more likely to buy food already prepared?

8. What is your average weekly grocery bill (for how many people)? What is your total restaurant/fast food bill for an average week?
This week, I spent $27.38 at the grocery store, just for me. Approx. $55 for restaurants/fast food.

9. What is your favorite meal to prepare at home?

10. What is your favorite meal to order in a restaurant?

11. Do you believe in fate?

12. If Karma was to visit you now, would it be kind or kick you in the butt?
I hope karma would envelope me in a fond embrace. I'm a good person.

13. Do you believe you have lived another life previous to this one?

14. What do you believe in with an unshakable resolve?
Separation of Church and State.

15. What one factor influences your life the most?
Trying to live as He would want me to. I fall short, I know, but the effort counts for a lot.

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  1. Good for you eating at home more. Helps with that plan to get on better financial footing. I will be good through the summer, but I get sooooo lazy through the school year. I'm beat by the time I get home. I need to become one with the Crock-Pot.


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