Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Shut Up + Dance (2014)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This is about a man who meets the woman who is his destiny on the dance floor. Do you think we each have One Great Love preordained by fate? Or do you think life offers each of us many opportunities for romance? I think life offers us many opportunities. I disagree vehemently that fate or God "preordains" who we love, or who is "right" for us. As a woman of faith, I believe Jesus smiles on us when we behave lovingly, well and honorably in our relationships.

2) Lead singer Nick Petricca says this song is inspired by a true story. He was all keyed up and his girlfriend dragged him onto the dance floor, insisting that dancing would cheer him up. Therefore he considers this song an "anthem to letting go and having fun." Think of the last time you really had fun. Who were you with? What were you doing? On Monday, I had an Olive Garden lunch with Nancy. I never really laugh with her, but it was a comfortable, good time. She may join my agency and I would like seeing her every day again.

3) The dance floor incident that inspired this song took place in Echo Park, an LA neighborhood located near Elysian Park and Chinatown. Tell us about your village or city. Do the neighborhoods have interesting names? My Chicago haunts are The Mag(nificent) Mile, The Loop, South Loop, Old Town, River North and, of course, Wrigleyville. There's also Hyde Park, Logan Square, Englewood, Chinatown, Logan Square, Pilsen and Austin. (And more I'm sure I've forgotten.)

4) Walk the Moon promoted this record by a performance on Good Morning America. Are you enthusiastic and energetic at 7:00 AM? Or do you hit your stride later in the day? I feel best beginning at about 2:00 PM and into the evening.

5) "Shut Up + Dance" is the biggest hit by Walk the Moon. The bandmembers met as at Kenyon, Ohio's oldest private college. Tell us about something that's old and revered where you live. The Chicago Tribune staff has left The Tribune Tower (1923) and the building is going condo. Much care is going into preserving it. The facade features stones from famous buildings, all around the world. Every time I walk by, I stop and touch them. 

Here's more about the "Stones of the World"

6) Walk the Moon took their name from the Police song, "Walking on the Moon." What's your favorite song by Sting and/or The Police? "Don't Stand So Close to Me."

7) In 2014, the year this song was popular, Robin Williams took his own life. What's your favorite Robin Williams performance? Moscow on the Hudson (1984).

8) Also in 2014, the Apple Watch was introduced. Are you wearing a watch as you answer these 9 questions? Not right now.

9) Random question -- You must create a coat of arms for yourself, representing your life and spirit. Which of these items would you place at the center: a heart, a sword, or a pen? A pen. 


  1. Putting all those stones from around the world on the building's facade is a really cool idea. I'd love to see that and would probably do as you do and touch them. The Hall of Architecture at the Carnegie Museum is my favorite exhibit. It features original and actual cast replicas of bits of ancient buildings. I love wandering through it, touching the carvings, standing on the steps of a Roman temple, looking up at a balcony and picturing Juliet calling for Romeo, looking at the carved likeness of some long forgotten saint...

  2. The University of Connecticut did pretty much the same thing they moved into the old Hartford Times building by saved the old facade.

  3. That's really a great thing, those old stones in that building. What a reverence of history that tells. I learned something!

  4. I remember Moscow on the Hudson--wasn't it one of his first non-comedic roles?

  5. I loved Moscow on the Hudson. Chicago has the best neighborhoods. Ans I think there is some truth to what you answered in the first question too