Saturday, June 02, 2018

I walked into a glass wall

No, really. I missed the doorway and walked slam-bam into a glass wall. It was painful, and not just to the hand that I shmushed against the metal doorway.

I was one of the last to show up for the meeting, so everyone saw me do it. The Gal knows how to make an entrance.

What disturbed me about it wasn't the pain or the embarrassment. It was the fact of it. I have been going to 10:00 AM meetings in that very room for four years. I know I was distracted, eager to discuss some revisions with Emily who I'd just caught sight of at the conference room table, but still.

I haven't taken any hydrocodone/aspirin since Sunday night, but I have been taking OTC pain killers along with my alpha blockers. I think that's why I'm fuzzy.

Oh yeah, and I'm old and fat.

I think I that I may be hitting a wall* with my health like I am with my finances. I'm just sick of being sick. And the only one who can do anything about health and my finances is me. It looks like me, myself and I are going to have to have a serious conversation.

*Ouch! Pardon the pun! 

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