Friday, April 27, 2018

Melania done good

One thing I've learned about while reading about First Ladies is that Presidential "soft diplomacy" counts. The respect we show for our neighbors and the pride we have in our own history influences the work that our Presidents do internationally. Pat Nixon's good work in China brought pandas to our shore ... Jackie's dinner in honor of French minister Andre Malraux gave us the Mona Lisa ... Having the people of a foreign country like America better makes it easier for the country's leader to do business with the American President.

Melania Trump did a terrific job this past week when French President Macron was here. At the State Dinner, she gave a gracious nod to her predecessors by using Hillary's china and Laura's glassware and serving fresh vegetables and honey from Michelle's garden. She's signaling that even though her husband is a change agent and a flame thrower, America respects its traditions. And that dress! Acknowledging French fashion by wearing Chanel was a beautiful touch. Reading about this dinner in France, the French must have been pleased by the terrific way their President was treated, and impressed by the pride Mrs. Trump has in her role.

I only wish the President hadn't been such a petty tyrant and had included the press at the dinner. I mean, really! The Birther in Chief, the man who gave oxygen to the rumor that Ted Cruz' father was in league with Lee Harvey Oswald is still whining about what is said about him. His petulance prevented his wife's accomplishment from getting the press attention it deserves.

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  1. They have the unhappiest facial expressions.