Wednesday, April 04, 2018

April Challenge -- Day 4

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10 Interesting Things About Yourself.

Are these interesting? You be the judge.

1) Classic Arizona Birkenstocks (the two buckle style) are the best shoe for me because the heel well provides essential support after my plantar fascitis and the strap covers my bunion. (That sentence made me feel so old.)

2) I am age obsessed. Every once in a while, apropos of nothing, I find myself thinking, "Shit! I'm 60!"

3) I never cried when my mother died. I don't know why. I certainly do miss her.

4) I wonder if I would like me if I met me.

5)  Between November and April, my back itches soooooo much! I think it's because the heat in my home is so drying. Every morning, when I get out of the shower, I reach for the Vaseline Moisturizing Spray. I live in terror that Vaseline with discontinue it, and I will spend all next winter rubbing my back up against door frames. 

6) The Way We Were is my favorite movie, and here's my favorite line: "Wouldn't it be lovely if we were old? If we'd survived all this?" When times are tough, I often imagine myself looking back on them.

7) Again with the movies: Every day I try to be a little more Melly and a little less Scarlett.

8) There's a lot about baseball I love, but near the top of the list is this: no sudden death overtime. Just extra innings. Everyone gets the same number of outs. Baseball is so symmetrical, so fair. Life should be more like baseball.

9) Whenever I go outside during daylight hours, I look at the sky. Even on rainy days. The sky comes in so many colors and I love them all.
10) I wish I didn't get so disappointed in my friends. I wonder if the fault isn't mine. Maybe I expect too much and I'm not fair.

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  1. #5 for me is Dial Lotion--that stuff is miracle cream.