Sunday, March 11, 2018

Good Saturday, Good Friends

I have decided to stop cocooning and get back out in the world! First I had dinner with Kathleen, then Barb, and last night I saw Joanna. While I kinda have to force myself to do get dressed and go out, I find it improves my mood.

Joanna and I met for an early tapas dinner at Valencia. I had empanada de buey (beef in pastry) and datiles con tocino (dates wrapped in bacon) and mango margarita. Joanna didn't have a drink with her tapas but she had dessert. It was good to catch up.

Our lives are surprisingly similar right now. At 65, she finds finances chaotic and she's unable to retire. She has a dog and cat she completely dotes on. She's had good girlfriends who have disappointed her. She has a mad crush on tennis' Roger Federer. The details are different, but in broadstrokes, our stories track.

She may have freelance work for me. I may have a job lead for her. But this was not a networking dinner. It was good food with with a good friend.

Then we saw To Be or Not to Be with our movie group. Only three people showed up with week: me, Joanna and a newbie named Penny. I didn't really like the move, but I love Carole Lombard. I love her look and the sound of her voice and the special way she delivers a funny line. This was her last movie (she was only 33 when she died) and here she is in her final onscreen credit. Gorgeous!

It was good to see Will, our moderator. I was surprised when he greeted me with a hug, but it made me happy. I was supportive of his search for a new venue for our little group, and I did make a memorial donation in his mother's memory. I think he appreciates that. But we never hugged before. It surprised me, and it was nice.

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  1. I am inspired by your breaking out of the cocoon! This winter has been so brutal that I am still hibernating (which means Friday night I was in bed at 7 and slept until 10 Saturday)!


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