Tuesday, October 10, 2017

That's my boy!

I know, I know: We're not supposed to have favorites. We should love everyone of our guys equally.

But I can't help it! I love Anthony Rizzo best!

He has so much heart. He gives his all every time he puts on the uniform. He has so much class and decency. My favorite moment of last year's World Series run was Rizz apologizing to the umpire he snapped at. "It was my fault on that," he said, unaware a national TV audience was hearing his every word. Even the umpire was impressed. "That you came over here to say that, that shows what a good guy you are." As if all that weren't enough, he's a cancer survivor who gives back to the community, recently donating $3.5 million for a family center in a Chicago children's hospital.

And yesterday afternoon, he demanded respect from the Nationals. In the bottom of the 8th, Nationals manager Dusty Baker chose to pitch to Rizzo, thinking he would be an easier out than Willson Contreras. Mistake! For a wounded Rizzo is a dangerous Rizzo. He got a single, bringing in the winning run.

Of course he did. He's the leader of the defending World Series Champions.

As he passed the Nationals dugout, once again network cameras picked him up. "Respect me! Respect me!" he shouted.

Photo from the Chicago SunTimes
I know my guys are not favored to repeat and win it all again this year. I'm resigned to that. But if they fall short of a second ring and trophy, it won't be because Anthony Rizzo didn't show up and give it his all.

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  1. Go Cubs! Wouldn't it be great if they got to the big show again?