Sunday, October 15, 2017

A good color for autumn

I got an Eddie Bauer one-pocket "boyfriend" shirt in this color today for just $3.50. I found it online on sale for $50, so I am feeling quite proud of myself.

I picked it up at a community sale that benefits infant welfare, the food pantry and the animal shelter. I also got a pair of black sunglasses for $1.00. This made me happy because I can lose $1 sunglasses just as easily as I can lose expensive sunglasses.

I treated myself to a lovely lunch at the nearby Italian restaurant -- just me, butternut squash ravioli and The Starter Wife -- and waited for the first Cubs-Dodgers game.

It was a challenge to stay dry. It rained and poured and stormed all day. Which left me worried about Napoleon. I hope they made it to the safety of the bus to Cleveland. This was not a day for living in a tent by the river!

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