Wednesday, September 27, 2017

There's always this

I'm not going to get this exactly right, but here's the gist: Presidential biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin recalls Lyndon B. Johnson at the end of his life. He was out of office, and because of Vietnam, hardly revered. His daughters were grown, married and mothers. His wife had necessarily developed her own set of interests; after nearly 40 years of marriage to a politician, she learned to sustain herself in a relationship where she wasn't the focus. He'd let his hair grow long. He resumed his cigarette habit. He was hanging around his ranch, where little seemed to engage his interest. The twentysomething Doris, who was there to interview him, found herself surprised to feel sorry for him, and grateful for the Red Sox. She realized everyone needs something all their own -- independent of their families or their careers -- something personal that brings them great joy.

I'm so lucky to have the Cubs.

I'm tired from battling this cold. The roof of my mouth is mushy and I have no appetite. My finances and career are a mess. But you know what? I'm happy because tomorrow I get to buy a t-shirt with this printed on it:

 Bring on the Nationals!

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