Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Don't Talk to Strangers

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) When did you recently have a conversation with a complete stranger? What did you two discuss? It was Friday, a phone conversation with the Ball State University alumni office. It was requested that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made in memory of my friend's husband to BSU. But it turns out that the university foundation has many different funds and I didn't know how to make out the check. The woman could not have been more sensitive and helpful.

2) In the video for this song, a woman is having a "hot" conversation on a corded, rotary dial phone in her bedroom. Do you have a landline? If so, do you have an extension in your bedroom? Yes, I have a landline. And yes, I have an extension in my bedroom. My friend Henry, who lives in Key West, has always, always recommended I maintain the landline because in the event of a disaster, it's unlikely that both cell phones and landlines will both go out. Well, guess who didn't take his own advice! Since Irma touched down on Key West last weekend, I lost a lot of sleep waiting to hear that they're OK. (And they are. YEA!)

3) This week's artist, Rick Springfield, says he wrote this song when he was worried that his girlfriend (now his wife) would cheat on him when he was touring. Would you describe yourself as suspicious or trusting? Trusting.

4) He became a daytime heartthrob as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. Do you think it would be cool to have a really attractive doctor? Or would it make you uncomfortable? Actually, my gynecologist is a handsome man. Fortunately, I don't find him attractive. I've managed to put doctors and men of the cloth in some other, completely non-sexual category where it doesn't matter how they look, I'm simply not attracted.

5) He's discussed how sad he was when, as a boy, he had to leave his dog Elvis behind when the family left Australia. While you were growing up, did your family often move? Nope. I grew up in the same suburb where my parents grew up and met.

6) In 1982, when this song was popular, Italy won the World Cup. Do you ever watch soccer? Nope.
7) "Smiley," the first emoticon, was introduced in 1982. Do you use emoticons in your communication? Or do you avoid them? Sure, I use them. I once avoided them, but now they're part of the vernacular.
8) The Vietnam Memorial was dedicated in Washington, DC, in 1982. Do you know any veterans of that conflict? If so, tell us about him or her. My favorite uncle was a Vietnam vet. He was very proud of his service, even though he later told me the war was unwinnable. It was the service itself. The people he met. The places he saw. The events -- both positive and scorching -- that changed him.
9) Random Question:  Your friends are throwing a birthday "roast" in your honor. Which one quality of yours are you sure will be singled out for laughs? I have three passions that amuse my friends: my cats, the Cubs and The Lads from Liverpool. One or all of those would be zeroed in on.


  1. Glad your friends are okay!

    I'm like you, I think. I may notice that a doctor or minister is good looking, but it's in a detached kind of way. I don't find myself feeling attracted to them at all.

  2. I am glad your friends in FL are ok. I wonder if you could have a roast and everyone would come dressed as a Beatle. That would be unique.

  3. The comment about the university foundation hit a nerve. I was on the UConn School of Social Work alumni association Board. It was all volunteer group and we used to plane alumni meet and greet and other events, we never asked for a cent from the alumni. Well the foundation thought we were competing with them and the university closed us down. Now the foundation is always looking for money to support the sports teams.

  4. You know- I was actually thinking about your friend in the Keys. I am glad that you have updated us on everything.
    I was bummed that the Indians broke their streak however, now we can all focus on the Cubbies again :)

  5. Sorry to hear a friend of yours died. But also glad to hear your other friends are fine. And yes, a landline is very good for emergencies. My sister was able to call me and I, her, when the electricity went out for so long that time.
    Yes, definitely a party where everyone dressed as a Beatle.

  6. I would be a terrible candidate for a roast--it would never end! ;)