Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing

1. Do you look forward to the spring? Now? No. I'm looking forward to October and the MLB play offs. Go, Cubs, Go!

2. Which area of the sciences do you enjoy the most? Biology, I suppose. I like reading how different meds effect different parts of the body. But to be honest, I'm not very good at math/science.

3. If you could own a classical statue in the form of any figure from myth, religion, or even modern fiction, who would you choose? Jo March, cutting her hair to raise money. She did what needed to be done, with imagination and courage. 

4. Do you have a good relationship with your mother? My mom has been gone for years now.

5. What is your favorite mythological story? I don't have one. I do have a favorite joke, though, and I feel it's a metaphor for life. Here goes:

Imagine twin boys of five or six. Worried that the boys had developed extreme personalities – one was a total pessimist, the other a total optimist – their parents took them to a psychiatrist.

First the psychiatrist treated the pessimist. Trying to brighten his outlook, the psychiatrist took him to a room piled to the ceiling with brand-new toys. But instead of yelping with delight, the little boy burst into tears. 'What's the matter?' the psychiatrist asked, baffled. 'Don't you want to play with any of the toys?' 'Yes,' the little boy bawled, 'but if I did I'd only break them.'

Next the psychiatrist treated the optimist. Trying to dampen his outlook, the psychiatrist took him to a room piled to the ceiling with horse manure. But instead of wrinkling his nose in disgust, the optimist emitted just the yelp of delight the psychiatrist had been hoping to hear from his brother, the pessimist. Then he clambered to the top of the pile, dropped to his knees, and began gleefully digging out scoop after scoop with his bare hands. 'What do you think you're doing?' the psychiatrist asked, just as baffled by the optimist as he had been by the pessimist. 'With all this manure,' the little boy replied, beaming, 'there must be a pony in here somewhere!'
6. If you put on a big feast, what would you serve? What's the occasion? Unless it's Thanksgiving or Christmas, the main course would be manicotti with lots of garlic bread. The appetizer would be your choice of shrimp cocktail or garden salad (because not everyone likes shellfish). Dessert would be a tray of cookies, so you can choose what and how many you want. By the way, I don't know how to prepare any of these things.

7. How do you have fun? (What is your favorite 'Earthly Delight'?) I like movies and books.

8. Do you often look for hidden messages and meanings? In what?

9. Have you ever received an award or special position? Yes.

10. If a revolution was about to happen in your country, would you be part of it? Probably not. I'm a big fan of our Constitution. I believe we can resist the Trump Presidency using the systems our forefathers put in place. It's almost as if they saw DJT coming.

11. Have you ever planned an act of revenge? Yes.

12. What is the most dramatic thing you have ever done? I ended an argument by ending the relationship. I still regret what I did that night, and how I did it.

13. Do you care about your weight? Yes.

14. Is your life moving too slowly or too fast? Too fast.

15. Do you prefer to stay in the shade? Yes. I burn easily.

16. If you could have any mural on your ceiling, what would it look like? Chicago's skyline and Lake Michigan always take my breath.

17. Do you enjoy the countryside? Sure

18. Are you a romantic? Yes.

19. What is your favorite historic subject? The 60s (the 1860s and the 1960s).

20. Do you prefer landscape paintings? Not especially.

21. Are you interested in social issues? Yes.


  1. I'm going to use your joke with my psychology class! It's perfect for personality.

  2. That's one of my favorite stories!
    And, "Go Cubs!"
    #8: tea leaves, frost on a window. Jesus on a Pizza? heehee

  3. Another Jo March fan! And that pic is from a good version. My personal favorite is the one with Elizabeth Taylor.

    If I have to dig him out by hand, they can keep the pony. He's not going to smell very good, anyway. LOL

    Love manicotti! I have a recipe that we love that has a meat and spinach filling rather than ricotta, which is good, but sometimes I find it to be too much.

  4. #10. I worry that Trump is doing whatever the heck he wants and has zero intention to anything the founding fathers put in place....and the republicans are too ?afraid to call him on it. I just hope they do before it's too late or this country will no longer be the country we have grown up in.