Friday, July 14, 2017

I once was lost, but now I'm found

No disrespect intended. But the last four days I've been miserable because I missed my guys so much.

Last year, The Cubs had the best record in baseball and made history by placing their entire infield in the All Star Game.  Plus two of our pitchers graced the NL All Star Roster.

That was last year.

This year, only two Cubs represented Chicago (Joe Maddon and Wade Davis). Both were selected. Not a single Cub was voted to the squad.

Instead of having the best record in the game, we're tied for second place in our division and ended the half looking pretty damn mediocre. (Though it must be noted that I really don't mind watching mediocre baseball. I am a lifelong Cub fan. I can recall seasons where we aspired to mediocre.)

So where last year's All Star break brought elation, this year's just left me lonely for my guys. (Though thanks to Twitter and Instagram, I learned that Anthony Rizzo and his fiancee went to the Bahamas for the break and John Lackey invited Jake Arrieta and his family to enjoy the Lackey family's new built-in swimming pool.)

Tonight, the boys are back! I'm watching them play the Orioles, and all is right with my world. Schwarber hit a home run. Zobrist hit a home run. Heyward hit a home run. All three of those guys struggled in the first half and I hope this is a sign of things to come in the home stretch.

There were rumors over the break about a big trade and I was anxious. I love these guys so much, I don't want to see a one of them go. Well, there was a big trade -- with the White Sox, no less -- but it was all good. We got a leftie in his prime, Jose Quintana, in exchange for minor leaguers.

And I'm heartened to remember that The Chicago Cubs are still the World Series Champions. They will be until someone else wins it all. I am forever hopeful that they will begin winning like world champions again.

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