Sunday, May 28, 2017

Not funny

I feel a little guilty about what I'm about to post. It's about "Archie Bunker," the retired sportscaster my oldest friend met on a dating site and was briefly infatuated with.

Archie hated Obama and blamed Obama for everything. Back in the olden days when I monitored his Twitter feed, I saw how much he delighted in retweeting rumors that "Michelle hates Barry" and wants a divorce. With all the hubbub about Melania Trump's apparent lack of enthusiasm for her man, I thought I'd revisit Archie to see how he weighs on the current First Couple.


I am unhappy to report that all of his tweets are personal, unanswered and very sad.

Should I stick a fork in it           (May 19)
May be time to just disappear   (May 20)
I need a drink                            (May 20)
Another Saturday Night            (May 20)
Confused and disappointed       (May 21)
Damn crashing                          (May 22)

 I know that he has an adult son and daughter and grandchildren on the other coast. Apparently he and his daughter clash frequently. I know that my oldest friend was very willing to be in his life but he treated her abysmally. And then there's his toxic world view. ALWAYS complaining! Before May 19, his targets were cyclists who ride too fast on the sidewalk, and Charlie Beck, the chief of the LAPD, and the "clueless" dealership where he bought his Ford Navigator. Even without Obama, there's plenty in day-to-day life to upset ol' Archie.

While I am loyal to my oldest friend and am glad she gave up on Archie, I am still sorry about what I read. He's alienated, sad and in some physical discomfort. Depression is real and his practically reaches off the screen.

We could talk about how you get back what you put out. If he was kinder and more pleasant to those he spoke to on a day-to-day basis, I'm sure he would have more people reaching out to help him.

But that doesn't really matter now, does it?

I'd mention my discovery to my oldest friend, but she's still struggling with depression herself. She's so fragile and I'd never forgive myself if he (once again) decided she wasn't young/thin enough for him.

Instead, I'll just include him in my prayers and hope he finds the help he needs to turn this around.

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