Friday, April 28, 2017

My friend Sandy

I had the most vivid dream last night! And my, it was weird.

I was supposed to be in our condo association meeting. I'm on the board now, and there are things about it that weigh on me and I guess my concerns bled into my slumber. Anyway, for some reason we were meeting in the community center that Will rents for our movie group.

The community center (both in real life and in my dream) has two big screening rooms. One is near the front entrance, the other is down a long hall. I thought our meeting was in the one in the front. I went in, and found it filled with strangers. So I headed for the one down the hall and found it locked. For some reason, I don't knock and I don't ask anyone for help. (It's a dream; logic doesn't always apply.) According to Dream Moods, being locked out suggests that I am feeling alienated and have trouble getting in touched with my feelings.

That could well be, because now I'm beyond sad because I should be in there. Fortunately, my friend Sandra Bullock is at the refreshment counter. We sit down with croissants and hot chocolate and I tell her all my woes.

Sandy is a very good listener, and I feel better. People come piling out of both screening rooms and Sandy and I disappear into the crowd and exit into the night.

Funny, but I always thought my celebrity gal pal was Jennifer Aniston. But my subconscious tells me otherwise.


  1. ...but can you introduce me to Ms. Bullock? I need to pitch her my life story with her as lead. ;-)

  2. I can so relate to this! My dream bestie is Anderson Cooper.