Saturday, April 08, 2017

And so I stayed home

I'm in a mood where I hate everyone. I have shit on my mind. I don't feel like being pleasant.

So instead of going out with John and The Gang, who met for pizza and beer at Giordano's, I stayed home. If it had just been John and his cousin Lori and our old friend Steve, I might have gone. If it hadn't been at noisy Giordano's on a Saturday night, I might have gone. But this was starting to look like a clusterfuck of epic proportions so, no thanks.

Cubbie blue AND on sale!
I bought new athletic shoes at DSW. I took myself out to lunch, where I treated myself to a drink. I took a nap. I vacuumed. I watched the Cubs beat the shit out of the Brewers (YEA!). I spent much of the day in my underwear.

It felt good.

I have little on tap for tomorrow. I think I just needed this weekend to recharge.

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