Wednesday, March 15, 2017


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1. What are you currently reading? Chaos by Patricia Cornwell. It feels like forever since I spent any time with Kay Scarpetta. (In fact, it was Bone Bed in 2012.) I see she's back in Massachusetts. She's called upon to solve the mystery of how an otherwise healthy young woman could be killed by lightening on a clear and cloudless moonlit night. I'm looking forward to the usual cast of characters -- Benton, Marino, Lucy - plus Kay's kid sister Dorothy who is visiting from Florida. We don't see much of the irresponsible but more creative sibling. I imagine that having the stylish and madly intelligent Kay as big sister wasn't easy. Looking forward to seeing how their relationship colors the mystery.

2. What did you recently finish reading? Prince Charles, by Sally Bedell Smith. Someone once said that actor Peter Lawford wouldn't even be the star of his own biopic, so overwhelmed was he by the star power of his relationships with Marilyn, JFK and Sinatra. That observation reminded me of Prince Charles, because as I read this book it seemed he was forever being upstaged by his more charismatic relatives. First his beloved mother, The Queen; of course, Diana; his charming sons, William and Harry; now William's photogenic family. It's odd to read a biography of someone who feels rather like a supporting player in his own life story. 

As for the book itself, it was easy to read and interesting. I just wish that, when writing about his first marriage, Ms. Smith didn't stack the deck so neatly in Charles' favor. I appreciate that Diana was mercurial and that the marriage wasn't easy, but I don't see her as a villain. It looks to me as though there were no victors in the War of Waleses, only victims.
3.  What will you read next? I don't know. Maybe another biography?


  1. I became more interested in Prince Charles when I watched The Crown...I had never liked him, but now realize that it's hard to connect with those who are supporting players in their own lives.

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  2. I'm watching The Crown on Netflix and utterly captivated by the world they Royals live in. I should pick this bio up.

  3. Growing up, the two biggest sensations I watched in the news were the death of Princess Diana and the death of Selena. My mother loved Princess Diana, so I naturally acquired some of that too. Following the developments in the days and weeks following had me glued to the TV. I've also been watching The Crown and gaining more insight into a world we will never fully know. Prince Charles never appealed to me, but it is sad that he's a supporting character in his own life.