Saturday, February 04, 2017

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The Racquet Questions

01  What is the worst nickname that anyone has ever called you? When we were in junior high, my older sister used to call me "Butchy Boy." Because she wanted to make me feel ugly.

02  Have you got a favorite flower? Marigolds. They were my grandpa's favorite flower.

03  Do you add a sauce, ketchup or other artificial flavorings to your food? Depends on the food.

04  Describe yourself using only words that begin with the letter 'T'. Time-honored (so much more flattering than "old") and talented.

05  What is/was your lover's pet name for you? "Moonbeam."

06  What is your least favorite color? I look terrible in yellow.

07  Who did you vote for in the last election, and did they win? I was with her. Haven't you heard? She didn't win.

08  What is/was your grandfathers’ names? Roy and Albert.

09  What is the best present you ever received? Blaze. When I was 4, I wanted him desperately. Santa came through. I'll always remember coming into the livingroom and seeing him under the tree.

10  What is 17 1/2% of 97 + 42 x (6 / 2) – 137 ? [Editor's note: Holy shit!] I was promised there would be no math.

11  What would be the best possible way you could die? Suddenly and painlessly in an accident of some sort.

12  Given the choice of absolutely anything, what would be your dream job? I think I'd enjoy being a pet sitter.

13  What position do you sleep in at night? On my side.

14  What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? Back when I still wore skirts, the wind caught one and blew it up, a la Marilyn. Unlike Marilyn, I wasn't wearing panties under my hose.
15  Who is your favorite fictional character? Jo from Little Women.

16  What food do you hate most in the world? Raw tomatoes. They make my skin crawl.

17  When was the last time you were ill? Last year at this time, I was battling c. diff.

18  If you were transformed into a wild creature, what would it be? An okapi. I love them. So gentle and unique.

19  What was your favorite toy as a child, and whatever happened to it? My plush Lassie dog. She's in my closet.

20  What's the most amazing thing you've ever seen? Game 7 of last year's World Series. I'm still not over it.

Aren't my guys just the best?



  1. "Time-honored" I like that.
    Blaze would still be an awesome gift. I always wanted a bouncy horse. I got a Marvel the Mustang instead. He wasn't quite as pretty, but he did have wheels and went places.
    Jo is one of my favorites, too, but I went with Stephanie Plum this time.

    Have a great week!

  2. Moonbeam is a very romantic nickname. Sometimes I think my husband forgets to call me anything at all. Every now and then he calls me by name and I'm always surprised, even after 33 years.

  3. I like that marigolds help keep rabbits away from my garden. I plant them around my veggies.

  4. Marigolds are the farmer's "go to" flower plant for safeguarding against gophers, too. Mother loved them,too.
    We bought a spring style horse for our older girls for Christmas one year. They were wild about horses. But they ""fed" it, so when it got the inevitable case of halitosis, they named it M'Garlica.

  5. I agree with you on the World Series game. That as amazing. I was in tears--and I'd never rooted for the Cubs before.

  6. Boo hiss for the math!

  7. My first pet (collie who looked like Lassie) was named Blaze. My first fave toy was a similar horse. For the 20th Anniversary of WTIT my then wife hired a stripper. Her name was Moonbeam (sorry for this one, but true none-the-less) I answered the election question by saying "I was with her" as well, and then we have The Cubbies. In pro sports there is no rival not just for "The Wait by The Cubs. Besides THe Yanks are my baseball team and I'm all in with the Pats for football. And as thrilled as I was for The Cubs, they are my Dad's team, not mine. So the closest I got to waiting for The Cubs was UConn Men's Basketball. But we weren't waiting for 108 years. We had never won anything until 1988. We won the NIT that year. When we made the final four I cried. Not for me, but for my dad. He got to see it. We didn't need the "W". WE had made it to the Final Four. But then, we won it all. My dad got to see UConn win 4 National Champion banners during his lifetime. And he was UConn's Captain in 1945. But the Cubs win? He wouldn't make that. But he did get almost 89 years and did it "his way". Enjoy the game today! :)

  8. I hate raw tomatoes. Actually I hate WHOLE tomatoes cooked or raw; grind 'em up small and I'm fine, but they are gross to eat in chunks.

  9. It was between Jo March and Elizabeth Bennet and P & P won.