Saturday, February 11, 2017

ONEWORD: Sharpening My Focus

to concentrate: to focus one's thoughts

I want to end 2017 by being able to point to concrete achievements. To do that, I must focus

I spent Saturday being present and really thinking about every cent I spent. I took a Lyft to the vet for Reynaldo's prescription kibble, but instead of a car or the bus, I walked home. En route, I stopped at the Mom-and-Pop grocery store, because I like to support small, independent businesses. But I also got a bargain -- a $1.99 box of Creamette mostacciolli on sale for just 79¢ (perfect for my bag of food pantry donations).

A few blocks later was our village's thrift store. It's a two-story house with basement, which means three stories of bargains. I'd just said Friday that after three months, I was sick of my sweaters already and wanted something new. Well, hell, I thought, why not take a look? After all, this thrift store splits all the proceeds among 5 local charities (2 daycare centers, an infant health clinic, the food pantry and the animal shelter).

I got two sweaters -- a soft purple/gray pullover from Old Navy, and a dark gray off-the-shoulder jersey knit. FOR $5!

I was going to stop at a coffee shop for lunch, but I really wasn't hungry. Why spend money on food when my heart's not in it? So I went home and took a nap.

Then my friend from Key West called me. We had a drink together over the phone (OK, mine was Dr. Pepper, but he doesn't know that). We blabbed for two hours and really reconnected ... and it didn't cost me a cent.

I feel loved. I feel smart. I feel focused.

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  1. Awesome focus! I especially love the phone call part.


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