Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spare me neophytes

All last summer I heard Bernie Sanders supporters rail against TPP. This trade deal was a deal breaker. If Hillary didn't come out against President Obama and side with Bernie on TPP, well then guess what! They wouldn't support her! Forget a woman's right to choose or who has the authority to nominate the next Supreme Court Justice(s). TPP! That's what this election was about! And if you weren't against TPP, you were a puppet of the oligarchy.

Hillary is in private life and Donald Trump is in the Oval and has withdrawn the United States from TPP. Happy now?

All last summer, I heard that Barack and Michelle Obama and Joe Biden had been co-opted by The Establishment. That they weren't progressive enough, not by the longest shot. They were supporting the disease-ridden future felon, Hillary. I was even treated to the ugly spectacle of President Obama being booed by Bernie Brats at the Democratic Convention (aka "The Coronation"). Biden, Barack and Michelle watched their candidate lose and Donald Trump is in the Oval Office. Happy now?

Now they're turning on Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown. Their sin? Voting for Ben Carson as HUD Secretary. Of course they voted for him, you wretched nitwits! Presidents get to choose their own Cabinets and their nominees go through because that's the only way the system can work. How long should the Department of Housing and Urban Development go without a secretary? Without civil servants overseeing vital inner city services like lead paint abatement and Indian/Eskimo affairs? Someone has to do it or innocent people will suffer. Senators Warren and Brown understand this because they are adults. All they're getting for their responsible behavior is social media agita. (Besides, isn't this what y'all wanted? Thank God that disease-ridden future felon, Hillary, hasn't chosen her Cabinet!)

Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren are two of the few players on the Democratic bench. Let's eat them alive now, weaken them like we weakened HRC, let's make Trump a two-term President. Let's ignore a woman's right to choose, LGBT rights, and all the other things that Brown and Warren (and Clinton) agree with you on. Let's cherry pick and find things like TPP and the HUD Secretary to destroy the party over.

Let's continue to make Vladimir Putin happy.

 PS I'm gonna need a ton of antacids over the next four/eight years.

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