Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Tammy (1957)
In celebration of Debbie Reynolds

 Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1. In this song,Tammy sings of being able to hear "the breeze from the bayou." What sounds can you hear as you answer these questions? The humidifier. It's a consistent hum that turns into white noise pretty quick.

2. This week's song was the theme of a popular movie about a girl who grew up on a houseboat in Mississippi. Looking back on 2016, did you spend much time on or around water? Not until this month. I went to the Keys for Christmas and this year I discovered a more rural, working side to the islands. Here again is the tugboat I saw. I love how little and tough it looks, especially when compared to the all the pleasure boats I routinely see down there. Reminds me of a freight train's caboose.

3. In addition to being an Oscar-nominated actress, this week's artist, Debbie Reynolds, was a big movie fan. She amassed an amazing cache of movie memorabilia. Do you collect anything? I suppose I collect books. I'm drowning in them right now. I must go through and organize and perhaps even part with some ... though doing so breaks my heart.

4. Though she never won a competitive Oscar for acting, Debbie Reynolds was awarded the Academy's Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award earlier this year for 60 years of charity work. While she supported many causes throughout her life, one she was closest to was The Girl Scouts. She was not only a Scout herself, she was a leader when daughter Carrie was young and a fundraiser throughout her life. Were you ever in Boy or Girl Scouts? I was a Brownie, Junior and Cadet. At the time, I had no choice because my grandmother was the president of the local council and it would have been a small-town scandal if I wasn't in a troop. I'm glad now that I did participate. I learned a lot and have some very nice memories.

6. The New Year's Eve fireworks celebrations in both Disney World in Florida and Sydney, Australia coordinate pyrotechnics and music. Are you expecting either fireworks or live music on your New Year's Eve celebration? Only on TV. I choose to cocoon tonight.

7. According to the National Insurance Bureau, more cars are stolen on New Year's Eve than any other single day. Are you confident your vehicle(s) will be  safe and sound this Saturday night? No car.

8. Do you have any New Year's Resolutions for 2017? I don't think of it as a New Year's Resolution, but I have promised myself I'll save money this year.

9. Looking back on 2016, what surprised you? My guys surprised and delighted me.

This doesn't get old


  1. I'm jealous of your trip to the Keys. Going there is on my bucket list.

    There are a couple of really easy saving plans out there. One of my favorites is the dollar plan...start with saving $1 during week one, $2 during week two, $3 during week three and continue through week 52 when you set aside $52. If you do it faithfully, you will have $1378!

    The other plan is the penny savings plan. You start on Jan. 1 and set aside 1 cent. Jan. 2 you set aside 2 cents and so on until Dec. 31 which is day 365 and you set aside $3.65. At the end you will have $667.95.

  2. I am really so glad my mom was involved with scouts....I had a good time if I am honest!

  3. Aerial America has a cool bit about the Keys on their Florida episode. They do a good job.
    Yes, we had a deal with the devil...the orange devil at that... for our Cubbies to persevere.I think Halas hall may be rolling a few heads come Monday morning.

    Happy New Year- from one cocooner to another. :)

  4. Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy your cocooning. Sounds like many of us will be home watching the ball drop on TV.

    I thought of you whilst recently reading All The Stars in the Heavens, by Adriana Trigiani. This story is about the movies back in the 1930s, focusing mostly on the career of Loretta Young. I don't watch old movies or keep up with the stars so I didn't even know she was a real person until I looked her up! The book seemed well researched and authentic. In fact, I am going to watch the old Clark Gable/Loretta Young movie Call of the Wild specifically because of this book.

  5. I wish, now, that I'd spent more time as a younger kid in the Scouts. I was an awful cookie salesperson, but I loved the meetings.

  6. I'm jealous because I wasn't a Scout.


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