Saturday, December 03, 2016

My new tradition

In years gone by, I've gone to the local grocery store and plucked "ornaments" off the "giving tree." Each ornament detailed the Christmas wish of a kid who lives below poverty level and attends daycare at the children's home next door. But I'm not doing it this year.

A restaurant is having an event for those kids, so is a quasi Starbucks: Bring in an unwrapped toy and get a discount. Add that to the grocery store giving tree, and I don't worry so much about those kids feeling forgotten.

So instead this year, I've dropped gifts into the Toys for Tots bin at Walgreens. Hopefully they will find their way to a child who would otherwise be forgotten. I hate thinking that anyone stops believing in Santa, just because their parents or guardians hit hard times.

I would have loved Spy Barbie

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