Friday, November 25, 2016

So now I've seen it

I crashed when I got home from Thanksgiving dinner, and then found myself wide awake at 1:00 AM. I grabbed the remote and can now report that, for the first time, I've seen Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Roger Ebert reviewed it by saying it's not really a movie, it's a social event. I agree. As a movie, I was unimpressed. It's disjointed and dumb, even by kitschy B sci-fi standards. And Susan Sarandon is really not very good at all.

On the other hand, much of the cast -- especially Tim Curry -- throw themselves into it with such commitment and abandon. So I can see how it became a camp classic.

And now I've finally seen it. I've felt remiss as a movie fan until now.


  1. Oh, it's definitely better when you're with a crowd.

  2. But at least you don't have to attend a showing as a virgin! :-)

    I concur with Kwiz--you really have to go to a full-participation showing with toast, lighters, newspapers, etc. I still can't listen to the songs without inserting the commentary: "Castles don't HAVE phones, Asshole!"