Saturday, November 05, 2016

Hey, Chicago, what do you say?

We know how to celebrate.

This is what 5 million people wearing blue looks like.

The Chicago River is Cubbie Blue.

Art Institute Lion and a W.


Banners for the parade.

We've had nothing but clear, Cubbie blue skies and 60ยบ+ days since Game 7. So it's been like Christmas, but with much better weather. I've been wearing my wardrobe of celebratory Cub gear pretty exclusively for a week now, and the most amazing thing is we all smile and greet each other. "Go, Cubs!" "At last!" "Cubbies!"

This city has its problems. (Like more shootings than New York and Los Angeles combined.) But this has brought us all together. This has made us proud.

God bless my guys!


  1. I got a little choked up over this post. Unity!

  2. Great photos and a great celebration for a great team! I'm so happy for you all!