Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me, Part 2

Cousin Rose sent me a shirt I hadn't seen before! It's a little too tight across the bust, so I'm returning it for a bigger size. But the packaging makes returns look pretty easy.

Today was the first day of my vacation. I took myself out to breakfast, binged on Will & Grace reruns, went to the vet for Connie's prescription kibble, did a little grocery shopping ... and napped and was generally lazy.

I checked my work email and discovered two highly informative things:

1) Our agency president -- a passionate Cub fan -- bought 300 World Series caps, one for each of us in the office. Since he knew I was out, our mailroom guy Clyde let me know he slipped two caps to one of my officemates to make sure I got one. So sweet of him to look out for me!

2) One of our senior vice presidents was canned for "doing something inappropriate." I never liked him. There was something too artificially hip about him -- a man of 40+, a suburban dad, who calls everyone he meets (male or female) "dude" or "girlfriend" just naturally makes my skin crawl. And I thought it was entitled of him to bring his Kindergarten-aged son to the office for our admin to watch. I suspect he hit on one of the very young girls who work for him, but I don't know and will probably never know for certain, but I'm glad he's gone. I wish the agency would let me interview everyone for every position. (I can't tell if they'll be good at the job, but I can almost always tell if they'll be good for the company culture.)

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