Sunday, August 28, 2016

Something is wrong ... I think

All I did Saturday was go to the eye doctor, stop at Walgreens and then go back to bed.

Walking to eye doctor -- a matter of blocks -- made me feel hot and irritable and literally weighed down by the humidity.

I slept intermittently and watched the Cubs in a rare loss to the Dodgers.* But I'm starting to be concerned by this fatigue.

Saturday is Day 6 of my cold, and I'm familiar with the old saying that a cold lasts 9 days. Maybe that's all it is. I'm not coughing much anymore and I'm breathing better, but I'm still so tired.

I've been to the optometrist three times this summer and we still can't arrive on a prescription. Every time he gives me the exam, it's different! He says it's nothing "sinister" -- thank God! -- just a likely combination of menopause/hormones changing the shape of my eye, the advent of chronic dryness, and my lazy contact lens habits. OK, but it's still a drag. I've been wearing my glasses with their old prescription for a month now, and it'll be another month or more before I get new glasses and contacts and ... oh, I'm sorry, I bored myself just writing this.

But here's the thing: My eyes are messed up. My cold is exhausting. My hair is thinning. I wonder if something isn't wrong.

I've never been this old before. Is this just part of aging?

My doctor wants to do followup blood work -- after my c diff -- in November. I think I'll move that up to October, which is really just weeks away. I'll keep track of my symptoms and let her know so we can do a complete panel and see if anything is up.

*Hey, it happens. We're still cool. This season is still magic!


  1. Thyroid? You might want to move that blood appt. up to September if you can. It's an easy check and easy fix, generally (a little pill every day) if it's your thyroid.

  2. CountryDew beat me to it...definitely get your thyroid checked because hair loss AND fatigue are classic symptoms of thyroid troubles...and it can also affect the eyes. Sooner is better than later, I think.

  3. I started thyroid meds in January and notice a difference in my fatigue levels. I'm not as bone-weary drained.


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