Wednesday, August 24, 2016

If there was an August Annoyance Challenge ...

Little stuff, really. Trying to keep it all in perspective ...

•  I have a cold. It hit me that I didn't feel well as I walked around on a perfectly lovely sunny summer Monday. All I want to do is sleep, and I think longingly about the days when I could breathe easily. (Yes, I'm a big baby.)

•  The credit card I've used a lot this summer was hacked, and now I'm without it. Chase says they should get a replacement to me this week. I'm glad they caught the suspicious activity and that I'm not responsible for the charges. But this is the third hack -- and the second card/bank -- and it's such a drag.  (I know, it happens to everyone sooner or later.)


  1. I had my summer cold in June and hope I am done now. We pay too much for LifeLock, but feel protected from identity theft and credit card hacking. Our credit union is great about calling when something funny comes up on our debit card. Can't be too careful these days. Sure hope you feel better. Please rest!!

  2. Major blahs! I'm glad the bank is being reasonable and helpful. Feel better soon!


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