Monday, August 01, 2016

Because you've got to have friends

Sunday was a good day. First I had lunch with Joanna in Edgewater. This means I had to travel beyond the Loop, past Wrigley Field to a neighborhood I haven't visited in decades. And I got to spend three hours with a women from my movie group, someone I like but knew little about. I'm trying to expand my horizons and add new people to my close circle, and this felt very comfortable and the time flew by.

I learned that she, like me, is a softie for animals. Her two dogs and cat are all rescues (the one-eyed cat showed up in her backyard).  I also learned that her romantic history is easily as checkered as mine. This surprised me, because she's so stylish and appears so together. (I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and she was in gauzy layers and bangles.)

Then last night, my friend from the Keys called, just to blab. It was good to hear him so happy. He loves his new library job. They are back to being a two-car household. His partner seems to be over his health troubles.

As I write this, I realize how little I talked about me on Sunday. It made me happy to be immersed in other people's lives for an afternoon. I love my alone time, it recharges me. But I think it might encourage too much navel gazing. It was good to get out of myself.


  1. This post made me happy, too. I've been navel gazing the past week or so, and I want to move on!

  2. I love your blog. Thanks for August Happiness. :-) And thanks for Saturday 9, too.