Monday, May 30, 2016

John: check! Barb: check!

This weekend I checked two names off my worry list:

John is still home, recuperating from his hospital stay/amputation, but he's very bored. I take that as a good sign. We talked about our fantabulous Cubs (still the best record in all of major league baseball!) and his first time ordering groceries from Peapod. His attitude toward his new diet is very positive. I haven't asked him about the elephant in the room -- his drinking -- because the time wasn't right. He told me how his brother and cousin gave  him shit about ignoring his health issues as long as he did. I just didn't have the heart to pile on by asking about his rather prodigious alcohol intake.

Barb is back at work! Only half days, and she exhausted, but she goes to the office every morning all the same. The word "cancer" never came up. Nor did the infection at her incision site. This is good. She is bedeviled how slowly her energy is returning -- especially since she has a second reconstructive surgery coming up in July -- and how chronically uncomfortable her chest is. She brushed off my worries, convinced that the worst is behind her. And I believe her.

It is such a relief!

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