Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bed Bugs!

Friday morning, while in the tub, I noticed a cluster of welts on my foot that was (pardon the phrase) bugging me. I have extremely tasty blood and am often the only one at a gathering to be bit by a mosquito, so I didn't think much of it.

Until I got the email at 1:00 that says next Friday, we're all having a mandatory inspection for bed bugs. That means a day off on Day 3 of this year's biggest project. Maybe I can work from home. It's not optimal. But maybe ...

I may have to miss my niece's graduation as I prepare for the fumigation, or whatever it will be. I was going to fly to Muskegon to celebrate her big event, but now that's in jeopardy. I've got to board the cats* and put some things in bags and other things (aerosols, medications) in the refrigerator and, oh, I'm sick just thinking of it.

Also, I'm in hell. I don't people picking and poking and prodding through my belongings, which is what one of these inspections entails. It so offends my sense of privacy. I don't want to have to dry every article of clothing I own in high heat. We only have two dryers for this entire building (24 units), so it makes more sense for me to spend an entire day (or two) at the laundromat.

Of course, I don't know that I have the bugs. My brother-in-law, a maintenance man at an apartment complex, feels that if I had an actual infestation I'd be "covered in welts." But still, the way this year is going, I'm sure I do have them

This is continuing to be the worst year of my life. One thing after the other.

My tenacious illness ... Joey's death ... Rey's and Connie's ongoing health problems ... Barb's cancer ... John's hospitalization, amputation and the cancellation of our trip ... the HUGE special assessment for the elevator and now, perhaps, the expense of bug eradication .... time off work at the worst time ...

Right now I hate my life.

Thank God the Cubs won yesterday.

*One of the day's few bright spots: The vet's office will take Rey and Connie.

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  1. Holy moly--I do hope it's not the bed bugs.