Sunday, April 24, 2016

Barb called!

We talked for about a half hour and I heard her laugh, so I feel better.

The cancer surgery went well. The lump was very small and it was caught early. The reason for the double mastectomy is that she tested positive for the BRCA gene and she and her doctors agreed it would be better to act aggressively. And as of today, both she and her doctors are confident that they got it all.

It's the reconstructive surgery that has thrown a wrench in the works. She had expanders put in to prepare her chest for implants, and there's been some irritation and infection at the site. So she's been on pain killers longer than was originally expected and it's been hard for her to raise her arms to wash her own hair. But she's getting better every day. Still, she's looking at another month before she can go back to work.

She mentioned that her husband spends nights on the sofa because her sleep is still so fitful and she needs all the pillows to get comfortable. But she sounds like they're getting along well. She laughed when she told me how his schedule revolves around, "walking dogs and walking Barb."

I let her know that I think of her every day. I told her if she gets bored to call me any time. She promised she would, and thanked me for the cards and nightshirt.

I'm feeling so relieved since hearing from her.

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