Saturday, March 05, 2016

Sunday Stealing

Is your phone right next to you, or at least close by? My landline is within sight. My cell is somewhere in my purse, which is near the door.

What windows or tabs are open on your computer right now? Oh, there are four open right now. Too many to name.

Is your phone a touch screen? My cell is.

Who is the last person to call you? My friend Alan. He touched base after going to the doctor.

What was the last movie you watched? Room. Gulp. It's tough to watch, though both of the lead performances are outstanding. Brie Larson deserves that Oscar.

What are you doing tomorrow? I'm posting this Saturday night. Tomorrow is Sunday, which for one last week, means Downton Abbey. Sniff, sniff. I'm gonna miss those Crawleys.

Are you in a good mood? Pretty much.

Do you think exes can remain friends? No. I think that's sad, but true. Of all my exes, there's only one I hear from regularly.

Are you starting to realize anything? That not everyone needs to know exactly what I'm thinking about every little thing.

Do you follow rules or break them? Depends on the rule.

Are you currently looking forward to anything? Of course! I'm deep into my Sinatra biography, there's the season finale of Downton Abbey, the sun will be out ... Sunday will be a good day!

Could you go a day without eating? Yes. I have recently. Tummy trouble.

How many bracelets do you have on your wrists right now?  None.

Do you scream stuff out the car window? I don't have a car.

Do you have reason to smile right now? Sure.

What do you do when you need to relax? Farmville.

What are you listening to right now? SNL

What’s your greatest fear? Plane crash

Do you have a best friend? Yes.

Are you afraid of death? No. The moments immediately preceding it scare me, but not death.

Do you open up to people easily? Probably too easily.

Has anyone upset you in the last week? Fuck yes. I work at an advertising agency. We're a building full of weirdos.

What’s your favorite drink? Coke

What are you craving? Coke

How did you sleep last night? On my right side

Would you ever consider turning your house into a B&B? No.

What was the first thing you ate today? Ritz Crackers

Do you have anything more important you should be doing right now? Yes

Have you ever eaten tofu, and if so, did you enjoy it? I don't recall ever eating tofu

What was the last type of meat you ate? I had a burger.

What color is your toothpaste? White

Have you taken any medication today? Yes. I'm an old broad, so I take cholesterol meds and a probiotic and allergy meds and a multivitamin.

Have you ever inhaled helium? No

Have you set an alarm today? Yes

Do you keep up-to-date with current news and events? Yes. We've got an election coming up in Cook County and the State's Attorney race is an important one.

Have you asked someone for advice today? Yes.

What color is your shampoo? White

Have you watched more than an hour of TV today? Yes

Ever wake up early on Saturdays to go Garage Sale shopping? No.


  1. Ritz Crackers!! YUMYUM
    Have a nice week ;)

  2. I guess I've never really thought about the difference but you're the second person who has said they are afraid of the process of dying, rather than of death itself.

  3. "A building full of weirdos." That made me laugh. I am sad too about Downton Abby, but looking forward to watching the finale. My husband did not see the first four seasons so we've gone back and started over, streaming them off Amazon. I like watching it again.

  4. Downton Abby will be certainly be missed. And, I'm don't think I'll be watching, "Room" anytime soon.

    Hope you feel completely well very soon.

  5. I've been binging on Downton all week long watching all of my favorite episodes. I am so excited and saddened. I am also saddened that Selfridge ends this year too.

  6. I bought the season of Downton on iTunes, mostly so I didn't have to wait to see the finale! I loved it!

  7. I've been coming to that same realization in the past few years. What a shock!

    Bravo for getting through Room. I'm not even going to try, book OR movie.