Monday, March 14, 2016

I timed it

My boss got back from vacation today. He spent what he claimed was a relaxing week in Mexico. Yet it took him just over two hours to be all exasperated and snarky with me.

I know he doesn't feel all that secure in the ground beneath his feet these days. I get it. But none of it is my fault.

Also, for reasons I don't feel like spelling out right now,* I'm not necessarily at my most pert and enthusiastic myself these days. It's going to take a lot of maturity and patience on my part to continue to pull the cart in double harness with this unhappy boss of mine.

*But if you've been reading, you know! And probably don't feel like reading about it again.


  1. Bleh. It's bad enough when the boss is irritable if he's hands-off. Having one you have to work closely with... bleh.


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