Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Stealing

The Feisty 25

Do you like to see it snowing outside? Yes. I like snow.

Do you tell your family you love them enough? I don't have that much family left to tell. I do regret not telling my late uncle how much he meant to me. I still think of him every day.

Do you like getting jewelry or do you not wear any? I love getting jewelry. Especially necklaces and earrings.

Do you watch a lot of NFL football?
No. My sports obsession is The Cubs. If it doesn't involve The Cubs, it doesn't involve me.

Have you ever used the word ‘lame’? EVER? I'm sure at some point in my life I've said it.

Are you/Were you in a band? If so, what was your band name? Never in a band.

When is the last time you went to the doctor?
I had my mammogram on January 9. All clear. (Yea!)

Do you own any shirts with a peace symbol on it?

Would you ever go to Japan?
I have no interest in going.

What was the last thing you went to Walmart for?
It's been years because I don't really like shopping there. I bought the ceiling fan currently in my den at Walmart.

Ever gotten in a car accident?
Yes. I was a terrible driver (which is why I don't drive). I scratched the car door in a parking lot. Too close to one of those signposts that tells you which section you're parking in.

Have you ever been in a choir?
No. I sing even worse than I drive.

Do you like the color of your eyes? If not, what color would you want them? I have pretty green eyes.

When was the last time you went ice skating? Don't even recall.

Do you like to brush your teeth? I don't really think about it.

Have you ever had a surgery? I had a hysterectomy in 2011. Scary because it was a cancer scare that precipitated it. All clear there, too. (YEA!)

Do you look older or younger than you actually are?
I'm told I look younger. (Yea!)

When is the next time you’ll be up on stage?
I can't even imagine.

Where did you spend your last birthday?
Las Vegas.

 What is the last show that you watched a full episode of? I watched a rerun of The Big Valley Saturday morning. I have a weakness for TV westerns. TV cowboys are so good and true.

Do you know anyone who lives in Utah?

Is there anything you need to work on doing soon?
I have a couple loads of laundry calling my name

Do your feelings get hurt easily?

Do you, or do you know someone who has taken karate lessons?
I've been involved with two men who took martial arts very seriously.

Were you ever a boy or girl scout?
I was a Girl Scout for years (Brownie, Junior and Cadet).


  1. Hooray for being all clear on the cancer front!

  2. I never made it to Cadet in Girl Scouts. And I really have never liked westerns, since I "great up."

  3. I was never a girl scout but I'm prepared for anything!

  4. Great news on both doctor reports! But I'm sorry you had to go through an operation.

    I wasn't interested in Scouts but I went to 4-H Conservation Camp and Music Camp in the summers. Maybe I should have paid more attention to Girl Scouts. I was missing a cooking gene ya know.

  5. I like that when you live in a city you can get by without a car. Chicago(land) has great public transportation.

  6. I used to love the Big Valley. Haven't seen it in a long time, though.

    It sounds like not driving was a good decision for you. But when you go out of town, like to Williamsburg, how do you get around? Do you take taxis every where you go?

  7. I was a girlscout in 4th and 5th grade but we moved at the end of 5th grade and I just never went back into at my new school. Guess I lost my friends from my previous school I went to so I guess that maybe why I didn't join back up.
    Great answers. I hope you have a great evening.

  8. Anonymous10:21 PM

    yea for all your yeas!! especially those dealing with cancer!


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