Saturday, January 09, 2016

Baby's First Uber Ride

I had a little tummy trouble (again!) and missed my traditional Saturday morning coffee shop breakfast. By the time I did a little grocery shopping and had my annual mammogram, the snow had begun falling in big, wet flakes. I just couldn't see hauling those bags of clothes to Goodwill on the bus. They'd be hard to handle and the clothes would get all wet.

And so I tried Uber. We have a good local cab company here, but there are places in the city where you can't just raise your arm and hail a cab. And so I downloaded the Uber app. Today was my initial run.

It was fine. It took 15 minutes for the car to get here, but it would have taken that long for a cab to arrive in the snow, too. It was nice to not have to deal with cash or a tip.

But I think that, for normal rides to and fro, I'll stick with the bus company or the local cab company. I like to support union labor.

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